Three things that people need to know before working with me

By Mike Killen / March 6, 2024

I think the three things that people need to know about me before working with me is that number one, I’m not here to be your friend.  I am here to listen to you, to laugh with you, to have a good time with you. But ultimately, I’m going to be honest with you and…

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How I put my clients first

By Mike Killen / February 27, 2024

Putting clients first for me just means being there when they need you.  We have standard operating terms and we have contracts and terms of service. But if a customer approaches me and says, “Mike, I’ve got a problem with insurance” or “I’m really feeling overwhelmed with this new hire”… If it’s outside the scope…

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You deserve more sales

By Mike Killen / January 22, 2024

There comes a time when standing up for what you believe in isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. A time when the stakes are high and the impact is even higher My moment came when I looked around and I saw talented people, striving to earn a decent living by selling their unique offerings. But…

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Revealing The Truth Behind Powerful Connections

By Mike Killen / December 19, 2023

There’s an influential force in my approach to communication, a kind of “open secret” that you’ve been experiencing throughout our interactions. Curious to know what that is? It’s vulnerability, a tool often misunderstood and rarely utilised correctly. Now, when I say vulnerability, don’t get the wrong idea.  It’s not about laying bare every fleeting emotion…

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