The Real “Catch” in Client Attraction?

By Mike Killen / May 28, 2024

Felt like your client base was a sea of tiny, ill-suited fish when all you wanted was a big, healthy adult fish?  You know, the kind that truly values your services and contributes significantly to your business growth.  I’ve been there, and I’ve discovered the perfect bait. Here’s a little story that puts things into…

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Be an expert in your customers, not your product

By Mike Killen / May 22, 2024

The most common question I’m asked by people starting a business (like an agency) is… “What should I become an expert in?” And every one of these questions misses the point. YOU shouldn’t become an expert in ANY of the delivery. YOU should become an expert in 2 things. Imagine training to be the world’s…

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Read THIS to know your next move

By Mike Killen / May 13, 2024

I want to talk about something that lots of agencies ignore, which could be the difference between making a few thousand dollars and a few hundred thousand dollars. If you follow this, it’ll categorically prove exactly what you need to sell more of, what you can ignore, and what you need to focus on. Back…

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Make $80,000 with almost zero effort

By Mike Killen / May 10, 2024

I’m here to tell you that the type of agency you set up – has absolutely nothing to do with the success of your business. Because every YouTuber and influencer and marketing guru out there will tell you that you need to start a short form content agency, or social media marketing agencies or the…

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Please AVOID becoming an expert

By Mike Killen / May 7, 2024

What if I told you that being an expert in your field is killing your sales, and could be causing you more stress than you need to deal with? If there’s one piece of advice which seems almost so obvious, it barely needs to be said, it’s that: “You need to become an expert in…

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Business hit $10,000 /month in 21 days

By Mike Killen / April 23, 2024

Dan is a very normal agency owner and I want to talk about how we helped him hit $10,000/month in recurring monthly revenue within just 21 days. You see, Dan ran a traditional agency where they found clients, offered them a solution and did the project work. But he was finding over and over that…

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How my business changed my life

By Mike Killen / April 17, 2024

It was a blistering hot day when I lost my corporate marketing job in London.  I remember stepping off the plane from Helsinki to read a barrage of texts and emails (on my Blackberry) that explained how I was basically being fired. Within a few days, I lost my flat, income, savings, and lifestyle. And…

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I was wrong about Clickfunnels

By Mike Killen / April 11, 2024

Previously when I’ve spoken about Clickfunnels, and my aversion to using them, it was based around 2 core ideas. Now the sheer AUDACITY of saying I don’t like all my eggs in one basket, when I now heavily promote HighLevel, might seem like politician level hypocrisy. And yes, to some extent, it is. But there’s…

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