If you’re struggling to get referrals or find customers, it’s because you’re ignoring this mistake (includes email template)

If you’re struggling to find more customers and sell funnels to clients, then I’m going to show you one of the most glaring mistakes funnel business and agencies make.

Apart from you, who else knows who you work with?

Apart from yourself, who else in your network including your customers, colleagues, friends, connections and followers know who you work with?

I don’t care what you do

I want to look at two different agencies, both of whom sell funnels, but they have one difference.

Agency 1 tells people that they build funnels. They work on marketing automation, email list growth, traffic conversion and landing pages. 

Agency 2 tells people that they work with software companies to help them find new subscribers.

Who is a software company more likely to approach? What about a referral? If I know any software companies, who am I more likely to refer them to?

One of the biggest mistakes marketing funnel agencies make, is they underestimate the power of their network. All your family, friends, colleagues, customers and peers speak to hundreds of people a day. Conversations happen all the time and your network would love nothing more than to refer someone your way.

Let’s say an old school friend of yours is attending a lunch with some local business people. One of them mentions that they’re a software company. Now, is your friend likely to tell them about Agency 1 who builds marketing funnels? Probably not because then they’d have to mention what every other friend does too.

But are they likely to mention Agency 2? Absolutely. Much more likely. Because there is a potential for synergy between you, your friend and their new contact.

It’s much more likely that you’ll start to generate referrals and grow your customer base, when people KNOW who your customers are.

I’ll let you in on a secret. People don’t care what you do. The process or delivery method you use, is not why people will become interested in you.

Once you’re having a conversation with them, talking to them and helping them, they’ll be more than happy to explore what you do. But to make that first connection, they want to know WHO you can help.

But aren’t I missing out on customers if I say I just work with one type?

Let me ask you something. Are you suffering from an over abundance of customers? Are you drowning in customers now?

I’m going to guess not. Partly because you’re reading a blog post on finding more customers.

Focusing on one customer and letting EVERYONE know who you work with, is the fastest route to generating new leads and referrals for your funnel business.

Just try it. Humour me and decide on a very clear and specific idea of what customer you can help. If you need ideas, check out my post on choosing a customer.

Let everyone know who you work with

This is the part that get’s results. Everyone on your email list, everyone who’s email you have, family, friends, colleagues, customers, peers, network connections, LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends, Facebook groups – we’re going to tell them all who we work with.

Feel free to use this email template below.

“Hey [name]

We’ve made a shift in our business model recently and we’re now working with
[insert customer type here].

If you know any [customer type] then can you get me in touch with them?

Many thanks

[Your name]”

This is literally the message we sent out to THOUSANDS of people at our agency MeBox. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, colleagues, friends, family, networks. Anyone we could.

It became extremely clear to us, that the businesses we would refer on, were easier to do so because we knew their market. So we wanted as many people to know OUR market.

“Hey John

MeBox has made a shift in our business model recently and we’re getting amazing results
for online course based business.

We’re now only working with online course businesses, helping them find more customers.

If you know any online course businesses, could you get them in touch with me?

Many thanks.

Mike and Mark”

We had emails, texts, calls and messages sent back to us within days. Quickly we were having conversations and talking to people in our market. We were generating leads and having conversations. It was clear that people started to know who we are and who we work with.

It’s easier to network and grow referrals when people know WHO you can help.

Telling people what you do, is like spray and pray machine gun fire. We’re switching that to targeted, surgical sniping.

Who’s your ideal customer and does EVERYONE you know, know who you can help? Let me know who YOUR ideal customers are in the comments below.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.