How to sell a squeeze page

I want to share example of a squeeze page product or offer that you could sell to your customers.

I also want to highlight that even a simple 3 page funnel like a squeeze funnel can provide massive results to your clients and how you can sell a product to your audience without telling them what it is.

Sell futures, not features.

Maybe you love the idea of building squeeze pages for customers, you don’t really know how to sell them. Maybe you just like the idea of selling them to customers.

But you think “how do I actually convince someone to buy this from me?” It might be that you’ve never really thought that squeeze pages were a viable product option for you to be able to sell. But squeeze pages provide massive, benefits to businesses.

Selling squeeze pages

If you can sell them and set them up correctly. I think we undervalue squeeze pages because they’re so easy to set up. The page builders like Beaver Builder, and Elementor and Divi, that have all of these templates built into their products, we think because it’s easy to build, therefore, it can’t be valuable, and therefore I can’t sell one.

I’m here to tell you that if you wanted to, you could sell a squeeze page package for $10,000, for $25,000. It’s not about what you deliver. It’s the results that you get to the customer and the future that you’re delivering to them.

24 hour lead generation

If you believe that customers won’t buy squeeze pages from you, you are sorely mistaken. Customers absolutely will buy squeeze pages from you. If you position them correctly. It really is more than just one page.

First of all, you’re physically not just delivering a squeeze page page. I talk later about the  kinds of the products that you need to package together, in order to sell squeeze pages, but it’s more than just a web page.

It could be a 24 hour lead generation process. For them, it could be a way for them to measure their SEO and analytics more effectively, it could be a way of reducing their cost per advertising or their cost per acquisition, it could be a way of increasing their conversion rates.

Not selling a “page”

The squeeze page could be a way for them to generate a whole load of qualified leads for their business, it could be a way for you to be able to generate proposals and quotes for a customer by having their customers fill out a report or a form. 

You’re not just selling a page, what you’re giving people is a massive amount of control over the types of customers that reach their business.

What you’re doing is creating a filter that attracts the right type of customer, and turns away the wrong type of customer. That’s what the squeeze page does.

Scalable lead generation

At its core this is about scalable lead generation. And that’s really what I want you to have in the back of your mind. Squeeze pages are about helping businesses generate leads at scale.

It’s about helping them generate more leads than they’ve ever done before and done well and at scale. But without necessarily having more time invested in it. Here’s the package that I would put together.

First of all, I would create the squeeze page itself, you might even want to create two slight variations so they can split test it because customers love that. And that could just be a headline or one column or two columns.

You also want to give them a thank you page. The very basic, high level lead generation funnel that we should build, is where people sign up, but they’re not taken to the product straight away, or the PDF of the download or the lead magnet.

Thank you page

A lot of people offer a free cheat sheet in exchange for typing in an email address. Then they’ll redirect the new lead to that PDF. That’s not what we’re going to do, we’re going to take them to a thank you page and on that thank you page, we’re going to have a video sales letter.

The video sales letter (VSL) can upsell them to the first product that they can buy. And it might BE A $9 or $19 product or $2,000 product. You’re also going to confirm the action the lead took and acknowledge the action that they took and tell them that on that thank you page.

Acknowledge and upsell

“Thanks so much for giving us your email address. We’ve sent your download your cheat sheet to the to the email address that you gave us. If you want to change it, click here.”

In the email that is sent to them, you have the delivery page with the content. You’re going to deliver those three things a squeeze funnel. The squeeze page, the thank you page and the delivery page.

A thank you page allows you to measure conversions and allows you to confirm that people have signed up. It’s also a perfect opportunity to upsell products to people.

Cold traffic

The delivery page can have an upsell video. What this does is first of all, is eliminate spam email addresses so you don’t get You’re saying “if you want this free report or lead magnet, you’ve got to give us your real email address.”

The squeeze funnel product then becomes the process of converting and capturing leads 24 hours a day, being able to completely accurately measure the conversion rate between the page and potentially reducing the cost per acquisition on the initial traffic page.

So if you’re using remarketing or even cold traffic through ads, to drive people to these squeeze pages, that’s where you’re going to be able to start measuring your conversions is on the thank you page.

How to sell a squeeze page

First of all, lower cost of acquisition, lower cost per click, lower advertising costs, increased insight on the conversion rates that you’ve got, and you’re capturing and converting leads 24 hours a day.

We’re also going to increase the quality of the type of lead and customer that does reach your customer, because if someone downloads a cheat sheet on “the best headphones to use while playing video games”, you know that they both play video games, and they’re in the market for new headphones.

They are giving you market indicators that they are in the market for a product. This is also a really fast way for a business to be able to build a brand that’s known for a result.

Squeeze builds brand

For example, I give away training on how to sell marketing funnels. And wouldn’t you know that by doing that 24 hours a day I become known for helping people sell marketing funnels.

The lead magnets and the capture pages and the squeeze pages that you’re selling is bigger than just a squeeze page to capture email addresses and build an email list.

Although that’s a big part of it. You’re helping them build a brand. You’re helping to put out a result that people will begin to expect the same level of service from. It’s about delivering on those expectations through multiple different channels.

And that’s what you’re delivering with a squeeze page.

Self liquidating

Squeeze funnels have a tendency to shorten the sales cycle as well. Whereas we used to get leads the old fashioned way, where people just give you their email address, almost instantaneously we’ve seen conversions go from 50 days or 30 days to 0 days or 1 day because we have the upsell page immediately on the thank you page.

Also, there’s a self liquidating offer, where if it costs you $1 to get a conversion and you know that you have 10 conversions that’s $10. And then one in 10 people buys a $10 product, that $10 product has paid for all of those conversions.

You’ve got all of those leads for free. If you’re smart you can start helping your customers generate leads for free. If you can help your customers generate leads for free you will never be short on customers.


And this is all the result of a basic squeeze page package for your customers. Can you see now how a squeeze page package can be worth $25,000?

Because you say to the customer “we’re going to run through this process. We’re going to do a bunch of tests with all the traffic that you currently drive. What if we could reduce your advertising costs to zero?” That’s a seriously compelling package. 

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.