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How funnel builders can become key persons of influence with Daniel Priestley

By Mike Killen / July 30, 2018

Can you imagine a funnel business where you’re paid to speak, people have read your books and you deliver work to some of the top businesses in the world? Imagine knowing that you don’t have to work evenings and weekends, but you’re getting more done than ever before. Last month Daniel Priestley was kind enough…

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Marketing funnel niche coaching

By Mike Killen / July 27, 2018

Starting next week we have a brand new coaching program to help funnel builders decide a niche and attract paying clients within that niche. >>Sign up here Coaching agenda Date Call title 2 August 2018 Why you’re afraid to niche down and how to get over it 9 August 2018 Where to identify your niche…

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The massive untapped market for funnel builders

By Mike Killen / July 26, 2018

As funnel builders we are always looking for new customers and projects. In this post I want to demonstrate a massively untapped market, which is growing every day, and very few funnel builders seem to be exploiting.

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Finding “True North”: How to know when your funnel business is headed in the right direction.

By Mike Killen / April 5, 2018

Have you ever felt lost or confused about the direction for your business? Have you ever wondered if you’re heading in the right direction? When a new opportunity or problem presents itself to you and your marketing funnel business, do you clearly and precisely know what to do about it? In this post we’re going…

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marketing funnel customers, sell marketing funnels, find marketing funnel clients

If you’re struggling to get referrals or find customers, it’s because you’re ignoring this mistake (includes email template)

By Mike Killen / December 21, 2017

If you’re struggling to find more customers and sell funnels to clients, then I’m going to show you one of the most glaring mistakes funnel business and agencies make. Apart from you, who else knows who you work with? Apart from yourself, who else in your network including your customers, colleagues, friends, connections and followers…

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2018 predictions, 2018 marketing funnels

My predictions for 2018’s marketing funnel landscape

By Mike Killen / December 14, 2017

2017 is now close to being a distant memory. Last year I wrote about my 6 predictions for 2017’s digital business landscape. Today we can look at my predictions for 2018’s marketing funnel landscape. Messenger chat bots dominate the auto responder market Software like Chatfuel and Message Hero are making messenger chat bots more accessible…

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thug marketing language bullshit, marketing bullshit statements

Thug marketing language is the 2010’s equivalent of corporate jargon- stop using it

By Mike Killen / November 30, 2017

I love swearing as much as the next bloke. Just read any of my blog posts and it’s pretty likely that at some point I’ve cussed in the writing. Something I’m seeing more and more of however, is “thug marketing”. “We make great shit to help you sell more shit” Tell me you haven’t seen…

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How to find out your customer’s favourite food, software, magazine, blog or TV show

By Mike Killen / November 10, 2017

I’m going to talk about how we get incredible insight from our customers using Facebook insights. The idea is that we want to find out as much as we can about our customers. Interestingly, often when we start a new project with either our customers or with our own projects, we will try to create…

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marketing funnel niche, choose a funnel niche, marketing funnel builders

If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat it like my ex-girlfriend Sam

By Mike Killen / November 9, 2017

We’re going to discover the simple way to craft a niche for your marketing funnel business. If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat them like my ex-girlfriend, Sam There are 2 main problems when choosing a niche for a marketing funnel business. Have you chosen the right niche…

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