Marketing gurus don’t want you to know this

By Mike Killen / May 20, 2024

There is an explosive secret that all the marketing YouTubers and gurus do not want you to know. If you uncover this, it would mean you’d never ever have to buy another course from them. That includes me. This singular point alone could make you millions, save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and never…

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5 scalable income streams you could build for your funnel business today

By Mike Killen / April 23, 2020

In this blog post I’m going to share 5 income generating ideas that you could build for your business, today. How to work less and achieve more with products 5 different product ideas no matter how experienced you are Why newbie marketing funnel businesses outpace older agencies (and how to copy them) You’re choking your…

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Fuck The Furlough – How To Make Money With Your Brain Without A Job

By Mike Killen / April 3, 2020

In this post I’m going to teach you how to take all the knowledge you have in your head, and put it to use making money for you while you don’t have a lot of work to do. You’re going to learn how to create a product FROM SCRATCH with ZERO technical skills, no expensive…

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marketing funnel niche, choose a funnel niche, marketing funnel builders

If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat it like my ex-girlfriend Sam

By Mike Killen / November 9, 2017

We’re going to discover the simple way to craft a niche for your marketing funnel business. If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat them like my ex-girlfriend, Sam There are 2 main problems when choosing a niche for a marketing funnel business. Have you chosen the right niche…

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sell marketing funnel, 5 marketing funnels, sell marketing funnels

5 killer funnels your customers want (and how to sell them)

By Mike Killen / October 19, 2017

I was this close to not writing a blog post at all today. It’s 8:30pm and I’ve just finished recording my new course, “How to build a marketing funnel with Beaver Builder and ActiveCampaign“. You can sign up to the waiting list here. I’ve been recording for over 12 hours straight today and yesterday and…

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Task focus, lots of tasks, idea focus, choosing an idea

What to do when you have all these ideas that can’t focus on which one to start

By Mike Killen / October 16, 2017

Have you ever been in the situation where your brain seems to do nothing but come up with new ideas? How do you focus on just one task and idea and complete it? If you’re anything like me you have insane bouts of inspiration and creativity, at about 2 AM in the morning. You hurriedly…

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how to sell price consulting marketing funnels

How to sell and price consultation

By Mike Killen / June 29, 2017

“It’s a 45 minute call! How can you look me in the eye and charge that much?!” Is hearing that the biggest reason you’re not offering consultation? Consultation is a MASSIVE opportunity for funnel builders and their businesses. It’s scalable, easy to deliver and doesn’t require any building in order to do it. I’m going…

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increase income wealth marketing funnels

Increase your income by NOT selling marketing services

By Mike Killen / May 26, 2017

You’re in the business of help I’m going to show you how you can increase your income and sell more marketing funnels, without selling marketing funnels. It’s vital that all businesses understand, in this economy and business environment, that they’re not in the business of marketing services. They’re in the business of help. “So think…

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sell more funnels marketing nfl

What I learned from the President of EMEA Motorola operations, an ex Dallas Cowboy and a $500m CEO

By Mike Killen / April 7, 2017

I learned an AMAZINGLY important lesson last week. I don’t want more sales. Isn’t that insane? That I would willingly tell people that I don’t want to make more sales? Here’s the deal. What I learned (from the ex-President of Emerging Markets at Motorola and an ex-NFL football player) is that if our media business,…

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