I quit my job and I’m starting a WordPress business – Business building diary – Mike Killen

I quit my job, lost my largest client and I’m going to build my website business back up from scratch

I know hundreds of WordPress website businesses struggling to build their business.

It’s really difficult to know what actually works and what is just digital marketing guru bullshit

You’re going to watch me build my website business into a profitable, recurring revenue and repeat income business

You should NOT just be selling websites. WordPress sites might be at the core of your business model, but that is NOT where recurring, predictable income comes from.

Websites have become a commodity now. You absolutely should only build websites that are profitable per project, but the truth is that your business is never going to grow unless you develop other revenue streams

I was working at a large telco company, I had a few decent sized clients and in I recently bought a house. Within a month, I quit my job, lost a client that provided 30% of my revenue and of course I still have to pay the mortgage.

The way we build businesses is changing and I want you to join me on that journey, as I scale my business from a £1000 a month business to a £5000 per month business.

Here’s the kicker, I know that the situation I’m in is exactly the same as hundreds if not thousands of businesses around the world. You don’t have to have quit your job, you don’t have to be struggling financially, all that matters is that you want to grow your WordPress website business and follow me on my journey.

So join me, Mike Killen from Sell Your Service on this journey to grow my local WordPress business to a £5000 per month WordPress website business.

I’m the UK and Europe coach for WP Elevation, as well as the founder of Sell Your Service. Most recently, I picked up a $30 000 contract for a marketing funnel for a financial services business.

“But if you can get those contracts, why isn’t your business profitable?” The truth is that those contracts, while I get a few a year, they don’t sustain the business. The entire model needs to change. Projects like that aren’t scalable and repeatable.

We’re going to start right at the beginning, looking at goals and planning. Doing everything as I do it, re-building my website, scouting for clients, building products, dealing with income and lead generation. Everything.

Business mission/plan
Market choice
Niche identification
Business goals
Financial goals
Product creation
Client outreach
Website design
Content marketing
Content promotion
Lead capture
Lead generation
Lead nurturing
Sales automation
Marketing automation
Lead conversion
Traffic driving
Traffic conversion
Sales conversion
Weekly newsletter
Email marketing
Social marketing
Finance management
Taxes and accounting

That’s the list of things I want to cover, that I can think of this second. I KNOW there will be more. Some of these topics are massive, some are smaller. Some we can cover in one video, others might me a micro-series with a worksheet.

So with that, you can join me on the next video straight away, building my business mission and business plan. More importantly what do YOU want to see me do or achieve? What does your business need? Let me know in the comments.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.