I made $20,000 as fast as I could

By Mike Killen / May 31, 2023

I want to take you through an email campaign that I ran during Christmas time, which yielded us $10,000 more in sales than we were aiming for. I’ll show you the email campaign overview and structure we chose. I’ll take you through the offer and examples of the emails. PLUS I’ll show you what happened…

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Agency Success: How to Win the Ad Lottery and Secure Your First Big Client

By Mike Killen / March 14, 2023

Searching for customers, using advertising, can feel a bit like playing the lottery. You buy a stack of scratchcards, eagerly scratching off the foil panels, hoping to hit the big time AND…nothing. Or worse still, you do land a client, but a dud! Imagine spending all that money and time on an ad, only for…

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How much should I charge for Facebook ads

By Mike Killen / July 1, 2021

How much should you charge for Facebook ads? If you’re looking to start selling Facebook ads to your customers, or if you want a more clear and concise pricing method for your Facebook ads, in this video, I’m going to take you through my Facebook ads pricing formula and five tips on how to decide…

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How to increase your Facebook ads conversion [even if they’ve said NO]

By Mike Killen / June 24, 2021

What we need to do is identify people who have expressed some kind of interest. It’s far easier for us to continue to have a conversation with someone and frankly, sell to someone who has expressed interest. If we look at the pages or the content that they’ve already seen, that is expressing an interest…

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Plug your funnel leaks with Facebook ads

By Mike Killen / June 17, 2021

The first thing we need to do is to identify the leak. Where are people falling out? If we think of our funnel as a physical funnel and it had holes within it, as we pull water into the top of the funnel, if we had holes, water would pour out, it would fall out.…

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How to maximize conversions with Facebook ad “loops”

By Mike Killen / June 10, 2021

Today, what we’re going to talk about is a concept called closing the loops. We all deal with funnels or some kind of like series of conversions and I believe that a lot of the time we think that we have to go after a particular conversion and then go after the conversion beforehand. For…

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facebook ads, trump facebook ads

How Facebook Ads Made Trump The President

By Mike Killen / February 21, 2019

I swear I don’t get political in this blog post. I’m not a racist but… Anyone about to say something super racist. I remember being asked “what sort I was” when I was a waiter at a cafe. When I moved to Devon in England, there weren’t a lot of mixed-race people. It was a…

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marketing funnel cold traffic, cold traffic funnels

How to do cold traffic for funnels the RIGHT way (without wasting money)

By Mike Killen / September 27, 2018

How do I know if I need more cold traffic? Have you ever struggled to drive more traffic to a funnel? If you’re at the stage where your funnels need more cold traffic, it can seem like an expensive addition to a marketing strategy. Fortunately I’m going to show you exactly how to attract cold…

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facebook adverts funnel, funnel tactics facebook ads

Funnel tactic Friday: Setting up Facebook adverts the right way

By Mike Killen / December 8, 2017

We’re going to look at how we set up Facebook adverts the right way, both for customers and yourself. Have you ever felt that building Facebook adverts is a little…foggy? Like you’re building your adverts in the dark and guessing most of the options? Advertising copy, images, headlines, audience interests. Sure, we could argue that…

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