This makes me $2000 a day

What if I told you that your agency could start making $2000 a day, every day, for years, like clockwork?

Without spending thousands on ads, or years on building a personal brand.

It took me YEARS to learn this secret and luckily for you, I want to share the unconventional method that I use that no one else is teaching to help you hit a $2000 a day month faster, 

You won’t find this method in any training or courses – but – it lets your revenue grow faster and faster each day, without adding to your workload, so you can spend more time doing things you love.

Tell me if you recognise this.

You set up a new funnel with pages, lead magnets, email campaigns, follow ups, a Facebook group, VSLs, webinars, ads, and social content.

Your idea is to launch a simple agency offer and all the “best” marketers in the world have told you to create a launch campaign.

For every day that passes in creating the content, you’re spending more time and money.

And when you finally launch, at best you generate a handful of sales that now add to your workload.

Seems like a LOT of work for the result, right?

And more often than not, all that time and money you spent setting it up is barely covered by the sales.

Plus, everyone is telling you that you need to spend money on ads.

In my experience, most people spend a ton of money on ads with a beautiful and sophisticated sales funnel, only for it to lose money when it’s live.

Here’s why this method doesn’t work.

Imagine going camping with your mate and you both decide to build a campfire so you can put the kettle on, and have a cuppa.

If your mate insists on building the campfire, they might use expensive specialist tinder, and use all the clever hacks like cotton soaked in paraffin, fatwood, and firelighters.

Then they build up the kindling with small branches.

And on top of that, they put the firewood and finally, they place the kettle over the campfire, and wait for it to heat up and boil.

But there’s a glaring and obvious mistake, right?

You’ve missed a step.

Because the kettle isn’t boiling.

So your friend, who has watched all these YouTubers and influencers, decides what this fire needs….

Is more fuel.

So he gets some petrol and starts to pour the petrol all over the fire.

Plus a few more firewood logs for good measure.

But the kettle still doesn’t boil!

Is your friends’ problem the wood or the fuel or the water?

Or is it something else?

Because it doesn’t matter how much more fuel you add to the fire if it’s not lit it won’t boil the kettle.

Instead, we need to create something totally different that bucks the common trend of giving Mark Zuckerberg more money, and instead, starts to make you more money.

This next step is what SKYROCKETED my revenue plus it reduced the amount that I worked each day.

But if you ignore it, you’ll forever find yourself caught on the treadmill of finding clients, delivering work and never being able to take a break.

Remember, advertising only gets you what you’re already getting.

Advertising can work. 


Do not use it for testing a new product.

Yes, some marketers do use advertising as a fast method to test new offers.

But they have money to burn.

You don’t.

So what can you do instead?

Well, which of these sounds easier?

  1. Making a new friend each and every day and trying to have 365 friends
  2. Or, having a small handful of friends who you catch up with regularly?

Trying to make 365 friends sounds insane, right?

But that’s what so many people try to do.

It’s easier to maintain relationships with little and often communication, rather than trying to have a massive group of brand new friends.

So when I talk about creating $2000 a day, I’m not talking about selling a new $2000 product each day to a new person.

I’m talking about having 30 customers who pay $2000 a month.

Which means that every 30 days, they’re paying you another $2000.

But of course that raises the question “What would I be doing for that $2000 a month?”

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.