work overwhelmed

What to do when you’re overwhelmed with work, tasks, customers and more

By Mike Killen / May 8, 2017

Building and selling marketing funnels is a demanding job. Combined with running our own businesses, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all our commitments. I’m going to show you exactly what I do when I’m overwhelmed with work, customers, tasks, support tickets, problems and more. Rip that plaster (band-aid) right off If you leave your…

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bed-itus motivation no work depression

What to do about those days you just don’t feel like working.

By Mike Killen / April 24, 2017

We all have them. Days where we wake up and just can’t face the laptop. I’m going to show you my method for dealing with those days, where you just don’t feel like working. WARNING: Some of this post is pretty exposing so let’s play nice. Crushing guilt The real kicker with these types of…

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website digital businesses no idea what to do

90% of website and digital agencies haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re doing

By Mike Killen / March 7, 2017

Here’s the deal. You can either decide to be like everyone else, or you can decide to be brilliant. Average or excellent. If you want to sell funnels to clients, you need to choose one of these options. We know who they are Look around your local market. Look at your competition and ask yourself…

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marketing funnel service price in pitch

Should you give the price of your marketing funnel in your pitch or save it for the proposal?

By Mike Killen / January 26, 2017

“One final question if I may – do you actually give the price in the presentation… as on a slide on the screen or do you save the price for the proposal?” This question was asked by a friend of mine recently, we were talking about selling marketing funnels and how it often required a…

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consultant truth digital website wordpress coaching

5 utter fallacies of working as a consultant

By Mike Killen / October 13, 2016

Working as a consultant for businesses seems to be the easiest and fastest method that many digital and marketing professionals take. There’s an assumption that walking into a building and doing some training and problem-solving is a great addition to your business. Consulting is often used to bridge the gap between income and is usually…

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How we run client WordPress meetings

How we run client meetings

By Mike Killen / September 8, 2016

I run a lot of client meetings. I reckon that people find these more valuable than the content or marketing I create, because it keeps them accountable and shows what I’m working on. If there’s one thing that can seriously separate you from your competitiors, it’s your willingness to communicate regularly with your customers. How…

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What I learned from being dragged through the UK court system.

By Mike Killen / January 24, 2015

Back in July 2014 I received a letter from a customer, threatening to take me to court if I didn’t give them a refund. On 23rd January I won the court case, the judge ruled that I in no way misrepresented any work and the claimant had got the complete wrong end of the stick.…

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The lady that wanted a 99 900% return on her investment

By Mike Killen / October 16, 2014

By Michael Killen from Sell your service Who is this post for? If you’ve ever had a customer who has a lousy budget, or there’s some smart ass who asks you to break down exactly what they need to spend, you need to read this post. Objective I had an enquiry from a lady who…

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ways to deal with difficult customers camera guy

5 ways to deal with ‘I’ll know when I see it’ customers.

By Mike Killen / August 13, 2014

By Michael Killen from Sell your service. Who is this post for? If you’re a graphic or web designer, we’ve all had customers who say ‘just get me something over, and if I don’t like it, I’ll let you know’.  This post is all about how to deal with them and most importantly, prevent ever…

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