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If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat it like my ex-girlfriend Sam

By Mike Killen / November 9, 2017

We’re going to discover the simple way to craft a niche for your marketing funnel business. If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat them like my ex-girlfriend, Sam There are 2 main problems when choosing a niche for a marketing funnel business. Have you chosen the right niche…

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The 6 best resources for building the perfect marketing funnel (and they’re free)

By Mike Killen / September 29, 2017

I have a habit of referring to the same guides, experts and resources over and over in order to build marketing funnels for myself and my customers. If you want to build marketing funnels for yourself and for your customers that convert, attract traffic and generate sales then these are the seven resources that I…

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Three things you do NOT need if you want clarity

By Mike Killen / August 8, 2017

Clarity on any subject, be it large like our lives or businesses or careers. Or smaller such as individual tasks and problems. Comes from knowing how to prioritise and take action on the items that matter. Learning how to get clarity on almost any subject is a learned skill. It’s a habit and requires you…

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The content you can create that WILL increase email sign ups

By Mike Killen / May 12, 2017

If you want to increase email sign-ups, either for your business OR for your customers, you need to read this post. It’s not about the technology you use. And frankly, we’ve become too focused on creating lead magnets and just pumping them out like spam. We absolutely need email addresses to grow our email list.…

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5 best killer, high traffic blog posts on the internet (that you can copy)

By Mike Killen / May 2, 2017

I constantly bang on about having a killer piece, of long form high-quality content. I truly believe it’s the key to online success with your business. They allow you to drive traffic to one post and measure results. They typically have higher conversion rates for email subscribers and they position you as someone that seriously…

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What I learned from the President of EMEA Motorola operations, an ex Dallas Cowboy and a $500m CEO

By Mike Killen / April 7, 2017

I learned an AMAZINGLY important lesson last week. I don’t want more sales. Isn’t that insane? That I would willingly tell people that I don’t want to make more sales? Here’s the deal. What I learned (from the ex-President of Emerging Markets at Motorola and an ex-NFL football player) is that if our media business,…

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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Killer Lead Magnets That Get Results

By Mike Killen / June 16, 2016

We all know those moments where synapses suddenly connect and make perfect sense. Suddenly the barrier that existed has been replaced with a fresh new idea that was nowhere to be found only moments before. We call these “ah ha” moments. It’s as though the proverbial light bulb has switched on and the darkness has…

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Stop writing blog posts, WordPress


By Mike Killen / June 16, 2016

Crazy Ol’ Mike Killen. That’s what they call me ‘round these parts. I hear folks aren’t too keen on what I’m talkin’ cus they ain’t believe that I got all my faculties, so to speak. See, I done reckon that writing blog posts for yer site, it’s like diggin’ for gold in a tree trunk.…

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5 things you should do INSTEAD of Instagramming a photo of you with a customer

By Mike Killen / May 26, 2016

Social media. It’s bloody brilliant isn’t it? Personally, I don’t agree that taking selfies and photos is making s more narcissistic. However, The Guardian writes about “the rise of the selfie and digital narcissism” and I can see their point about how having photos of ourselves, at our best and showing them off for fake…

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