The 6 best resources for building the perfect marketing funnel (and they’re free)

I have a habit of referring to the same guides, experts and resources over and over in order to build marketing funnels for myself and my customers. If you want to build marketing funnels for yourself and for your customers that convert, attract traffic and generate sales then these are the seven resources that I repeatedly fall back on.

Learning online, attending courses and webinars can be both time-consuming and often at the presenters time of choosing. If you want to consume and understand content while learning new things at your own pace and at your own time then these resources are exactly what you need.

Rather than trying to focus on massive paid courses and coaching (which of course I still think is extremely valuable) there are some mind glowingly powerful and useful free resources out there from some true genius experts.

The quality of content from these 6 resources is so high that it’s a wonder what they would produce if you paid for the same services. I’m a massive fan of every single one of these resources and personally have these saved in my favourites bar so I confer to them as often as I need to.


I discovered Miles Beckler from my colleague and friend Troy Dean of WP elevation. WP Elevation and myself were really struggling with Facebook advertising for a while. Troy and Ray (another WP Elevation hero) recently knocked their results out of the park by using Miles’ YouTube videos and training programs.

If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising and driving traffic from paid Facebook ads, then you need to check out exactly what Miles Beckler has to say.

Advertising on Facebook – Learn How To Advertise On Facebook In This One Video!


I came across this article on when I was trying to research ways to exponentially grow the amount of content that I created.  If you’ve ever wondered how I’m able to create so much content daily and weekly then it’s because of this article by Niklas Goeke.

Extremely pragmatic not very long and absolutely crammed full of incredible insight this is the article that set me off on my content creation path.

How To Publish Like A Huge Content Creation Team (When It’s Really Just You)

Landing pages

When I first started experimenting with landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages this blog post by Kissmetrics became my Bible.Landing pages as a rule away should be trying to drive all your traffic but there are various different types of landing page from sales page opt in page squeeze page up cells and thank you pages to name a few.

This blog post not only has an amazing info graphic (a lesson in itself on how to create fantastic infographics) but also clearly demonstrates the various features of a landing page that help increase conversions and allow you to test the better.

Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

Lead magnet

When I was working for corporate marketing companies, the way that we used to drive leads and email subscribers was worth what we called “white papers”. Sometimes we would offer webinars or a competition for a free iPad or something.

When I read this guide from the legends at Digital Marketer, the world of the lead magnet was opened to me and I couldn’t believe how powerful and simple this tiny piece of content could be for my business. I regularly reuse this blog post as the guide to prompt me on creating better lead magnets for my customers.

9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples (And ONE That Generated 35,859 Leads In 60 Days for DigitalMarketer…)


I’m not shy about talking how I use OptinMonster as our main email subscriber opt in platform. I’ve done various videos on the optimum system and how we use it in our content silos. However, just having a lead magnet like in the above guide is not enough to drive subscribers.

You need to convert traffic into subscribers with opt in copy and conversion content. This guide from OptinMonster is exactly what we used to attract our first 1000 blog subscribers.

10 Tips on How to Attract Your First 1000 Blog Subscribers

Email campaign

Your email campaign to your new subscribers is the first pushed out type of content that many of them will receive from you. Lots of people talk about email campaigns like welcome emails, indoctrination series’ and on boarding campaigns.

I’ve been using Sean Mize as my sales and email campaign coach for years now. This 3:38 second YouTube video talks about how to write an email campaign. And it’s brilliant.

How to Write an Email Campaign

If you want to build marketing files for customers who should check out our $100,000 marketing funnel plan available below. Are there any guides, videos or resources that you use all the time to build better funnels? Let me know in the comments below.

Mike Killen

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