Can a one person business really be a #1 business?

Short answer – yes.

I’m going to show you how even as one person, as a single or micro-business or entrepreneur, you can carve a niche out as the #1 in the world for something in your market.

We’re constantly competing for attention from customers against out competition. There are hundreds of marketing funnel builders out there and we’re always being told to pick a niche.

If we want to stand out from the crowd and leave the competition behind, we need to CREATE the space we’re going to dominate.

Often, posts like this will use Coca-Cola, Apple, Tesla and other massive names to explore how successful companies have created a space that they dominate.

However to many small and micro-businesses, this is unrealistic. It seems like you’re taking advice from Mike Tyson to learn boxercise.

Just because these big, massive hyper-successful businesses have created a space, doesn’t mean you can’t either. The problem is usually just in the overkill of the advice.

It seems mad now to think that Coca-Coal INVENTED the space of cola drinks. And although Tesla didn’t invent the electric car, Apple didn’t invent the smartphone (IBM had one years before anyone else), companies that dominate a space do so, because they invent the space.

Can you make a better burger than McDonald’s?

Sometimes we call this category design (Al Ramadan from Play Bigger coined the phrase). But the overall idea is that you can become #1 in the world at something no one else wants to become #1 at.

As funnel builders, we believe that what we do is important to businesses and the economy as a whole. Which is absolutely true.

However, we also have a paradox where we believe what we do isn’t that different from anyone else. We might think we deliver a better service than our competitors, but is that all?

The truth is that better products don’t always win customer favours.

Can you make a better burger than McDonald’s? Almost certainly. So why aren’t you the bigger burger business?

Because McDonald’s created the space of fast burger food prepared in a process that guarantees consistent (if below average) results.

That’s the space McDonald’s created. Consistent burger results in a convenient manner.

Note: Quick rant here. Only in the UK is fast food, “fast”, in name only. No other country in the world seems to have this problem. We love queuing so much in the UK that our fast food demands slow service just to sate our queue lust.

So how do I become #1 in the funnel market?

We’re going to help you carve a niche, market, space, category – whatever. For your funnel business. It might not happen overnight. But if you persist, you will call yourself #1 in the world at something.

What everyone else does

The first thing that every other business, including marketing funnel businesses do, is decide they can’t do it.

“There’s no way I can be #1 in something. I can’t be a world, global leader in a specific niche. There are hundreds of smarter people than me out there”.

I don’t disagree that there are smarter people than you out there. I for one, am not one of them.

I’m statistically the least intelligent person in my niche. I have an average degree from a below average University. I’ve never displayed unique intelligence attributes. I was constantly told that I’m “more charming than smart” at school.

My university lecturers told me I’d be better off going into admin than design or marketing. At both my corporate marketing jobs, I was repeatedly told that “you don’t really get marketing do you Mike?”

I can say, without a doubt that I am the single best person in the world for sales coaching for marketing funnel builders. I’m #1 baby.

The world leader in sales coaching for funnel builders. We have the worlds ONLY sales and business coaching for funnel builders.

Who else can touch me?

No one that’s who.

Why can’t they touch me?

  1. They don’t want to. Other businesses are scared to FOCUS on a market that much. No one wants to narrow their focus to the point where they’re competing with someone else in a small space. Despite the fact that I’d WELCOME competition.
  2. Anyone in the broad terms of sales and business coaching can’t narrow down their focus to just marketing funnel builders. Grant Cardone, Xerox and David Ogilvy probably are the greatest sales coaches in the world. They can’t touch me for JUST funnel builders.
  3. No one want’s to compete against the LEADER. If we stay broad, we have to say we’re better than someone else (McDonald’s burger syndrome). But the leader? No one can touch the leader.

I created the space and I’m the only fish in the pond. If you Google “business coaching for funnel builders” my niche is so specific that a guest post on comes up. It’s not #1, but it’s pretty good for a post with no SEO work.

My point is that you have the opportunity to find an amazing space that you can dominate. You’ll love working in it and you can become #1 overnight.

Do I have to tell people we’re #1?

“Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

Margaret Thatcher

I love this quote. If I’m arguing with someone and I have to compete with them and yell that “I’m the world’s #1 sales coach for funnel builders! Listen to me!” then no, I probably am not.

However. We’re going to flip this and look at it in another way.

Our coaching for funnel builders helps them build profit, sell funnels and find more customers. Our coaching for funnel builders, builds better businesses.

If we can help people generate more income and profit, help their customers and get results for those customers I genuinely believe I’m helping the wider economy.

My conviction that Sell Your Service coaching, is the most important investment a funnel builder can make, is based on my belief that I’m helping a wider economy.

I have to tell funnel builders that we’re #1 at sales coaching and the only sales and business coaching in the world, because I feel it’s my obligation to make their lives easier.

I honestly believe that my duty and obligation to the world, is to help funnel builders. I want to help marketing funnel businesses build and sell more funnels to customers.

I can’t do that if I don’t believe I’m #1. I know it’s the most important thing a funnel builder can invest in. I know I can help them.

So once you’ve decided that you’re #1, let people know that YOU are the solution to their problems. Because you are.

If you ran a garage the specialised in restoring 1990 Ferrari F40’s to showroom status, and you saw someone with a 1990 Ferrari F40. They told you they wanted it restored to showroom condition. Would you tell them you’re the #2 in the world? Would you ignore them?

No, of course not. You’d tell them that you’re the best person for the job. Similarly, they don’t want to go to a generic body shop.

What if people argue with me I’m not #1?

My biggest fear was that someone would challenge my #1 status.

Literally no one has. If they do, it’s on underground forums that I can’t read i.e. places I don’t give a fuck about.

I’d happily welcome anyone who wants to claim that #1 spot. But no one does.

People might say general stuff like “he’s only been around for a few years” or “he wasn’t that great at sales when he worked here”.

Cool. Live your life mate. Move on.

My conviction that I’m the best in the world is so strong, it’d be like someone saying “the sky is purple” or telling Mohammed Ali “you’re not that good”.

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Carving a niche/ creating a category

So what can we as marketing funnel businesses focus on to become #1 at?

It could be an industry

Industry is the easiest to focus on or look at. Specific markets like gyms, trainers, headphone manufacturers and authors all offer massive depth.

However, most industries have #1’s already. Not to say you can’t go after them or compete, but I’d rather create the space. Is there an industry that’s new or perhaps….doesn’t even exist yet?

Would your funnels enable a new type of industry to rise? My advice is don’t go for an industry straight away.

We found with our agency that even membership businesses was too broad. Even our revised version of online course and education businesses is proving broad.

It could be a vertical

A vertical isn’t necessarily an industry. A vertical could be an industry niche itself.

Typically, vertical is a term used by businesses to describe industries. But it’s always industries that they’ll work with.

Sounds obvious, but vertical is used to categorise industries and customers within that business.

You can create verticals by looking at all the people who currently use marketing funnels and see if there are any common characteristics within that customer base.

Maybe they’re under 3 years old or have over 50 staff. Maybe they only have one location or all remote workers.

The world’s #1 marketing funnel business for businesses with remote staff: How do you build a successful marketing funnel when all your staff are all over the world?

Sounds like a good niche to me.

It could be a specific problem

Is there a particular problem that you can solve or love solving?

Think about the problems you solve, the problems your customers have and the problems that funnels solve. Is there one in particular that your love working on?

The world’s #1 marketing funnel business for businesses with no traffic.

The world’s #1 marketing funnel business for businesses with low email sales for their core product.

What problem do you solve and what do want to fix?

DON’T choose location

Do not choose a location based business. Even if you’re only planning on working withing a 10 mile radius, don’t fall into the trap of saying Exeter’s #1 marketing funnel business or the world’s #1 funnel business for companies in Gatlinburg.

It doesn’t work, limits you and isn’t sustainable.

It could be a part of the process

Process, from traffic to delivery can all be focused on and delivered in a specific way. You could decide that the Facebook ad creation part is where you want to focus.

The world’s #1 Facebook Ad business that builds marketing funnels.

Or the world’s #1 Facebook ad’s marketing funnel business.

Or the world’s #1 marketing funnel business for Facebook ad’s.

Is it a payment method or email auto-subscriber that you use?

Remember, it’s not whether someone else is doing it already, are they willing to commit to that #1 position.

Michael Phelps didn’t become #1 by changing his sport every 6 months.

It could be a result

Results that marketing funnels get could be a huge area to create a space.

The world’s #1 marketing funnel business for email signups.

The world’s #1 email list subscriber growth marketing funnel business.

The world’s #1 marketing funnel business for businesses that need email list subscribers.

What are the results that you can get, what do you love to get for customers and what can you focus your efforts on?

It’s not that you’ll ONLY do that result or work for customers. It’s the lead-in that you need to get your foot in the door and stand out from the competition.

It could be a delivery method

Is there a delivery method that you use, or want to use that no one else want’s to try to do?┬áis the world’s #1 white label marketing funnel service for WordPress businesses.

Now that’s specific.

They deliver a funnel, but through other agencies. It’s white label so it’s delivered as a product and needs to be set up.

What are the other delivery methods? In house, under 24 hours, monthly builds, on top of current websites.

How can you deliver your marketing funnels?

The world’s #1 book for building your own marketing funnel

The world’s #1 worksheet system for building marketing funnels

The world’s #1 marketing funnel in under 24 hours

It could be a pricing method

Can you charge per transaction, per month? One off price? On commission?

Be careful with pricing methods, but it can work really well to have a particular pricing method in place.

It might be that your funnel set up is free, but traffic costs. It might be that the funnel is free but copy costs.


DO NOT be the cheapest. It’s not going to get you anywhere and ANYONE can compete to be the cheapest.

It could be part of the business journey

Is the business on a re-brand or a launch? Is the customer at a stage where they’re moving office or moving into new territory?

What’s the overall business journey that your customer’s are on?

  • Expansion and growth
  • New staff
  • New locations
  • Opening in other markets

There are parts of the business journey that your customers need support in. Businesses that are hiring new staff have different requirements to those that are opening new locations.

In truth, they probably don’t differ so much just for the funnel process. But being SPECIFIC to their journey will help you stand out.

It could be part of a product life cycles

Product life cycles are the stages that company, brand and business products go through.

Launch, traction, growth, established, plateau and re-launch.

Can you provide funnels for specific stages of a product life cycle?

It could be a through a particular channel

This is a huge one. Channel could mean anything from what the customer uses to reach customers, or how their product is delivered.

For example, if a business predominantly uses Facebook live to reach their audience, can you create a funnel that uses that method?

On the other hand, do your customers deliver a specific type of product? Digital, downloads, eBooks, courses, physical products?

Overnight delivery, subscription services, donation based businesses etc.

What do you connect with?

All of these are options. You need to chose something you connect with. It needs to be something that you’ll genuinely give a shit about.

It’s totally up to you. But we do find if you can answer the questions below, you’ll have a clearer idea on what to go for.

1. If you took 80% of this market, how much is that?

Is it enough to sustain your business? Not for profits and start ups are lovely and always need help. But they never have any money.

2. Can you talk about this until you’re blue in the face?

Because you’re going to have to. Long after everyone else is talking about the next big thing or new thing, you have to keep talking about what you’re #1 at. Even to the point where YOU think you sound like a broken record, you have to keep talking.

So what niche, category or space have you created?

I know it’s scary and it probably isn’t going to happen overnight. But you can chose something to be number 1 at. What other examples of category and space owners do you know?

What space or category are you going after? Let me know in the comments below. Are you still unsure of what to create OR commit to? Ask me in the comments below.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.