How we plan on getting 4000 visits a month – November traffic report

“What get’s measured, get’s managed”

Peter Drucker

This week for Funnel Friday, I wanted to start documenting and recording the traffic and subscribers that we’re generating to Sell Your Service.

We’ll be measuring traffic, conversions into leads and email subscribers. I want to share what’s working, insight as to why numbers go up or down and our goals.



In November 2017 we had 1528 unique visits to the Sell Your Service website, up from 1409 in October.

That’s an 8.4% increase over last month. A healthy number and something we want to keep up.

Increasing our unique visits by 8% month on month would give us over 4000 unique visits per month by November next year.

traffic report, unique visitors, blog marketing traffic

We use for our analytics and insight

According to our analytics, we had a massive 24% – 26% increase in traffic from both Facebook and Google respectively. Part of this will probably be down to our new paid traffic strategy from Facebook ads.

Interestingly, our homepage visits also went up, by 26%. However, those page visits only account for 380/1528 total visits.

homepage traffic report, homepage visitors

People love homepages

We had more visits to our homepage from GoDaddy, ManageWP and Google. Up 450% from GoDaddy and that number is only expected to increase.

godaddy traffic, referral traffic report

Absolute proof that you can get referral traffic from the big boys


As I mentioned, we’ve got a new Facebook adverts campaign running which is doing brilliantly. However, the visits from Google is particularly interesting.

This means more people are finding Sell Your Service via Google. Now, some of that could be searching for my name or the business name.

During November we published 14 blog posts, that’s roughly 3 – 4 posts a week. This I believe is critical to our success in driving more traffic.

traffic report, top visited pages, top pages visitor report

My goal is to get our landing pages and blog posts above our home page

The above is our traffic report for our top pages in the last 30 days. I’m REALLY happy to see our Beaver Builder ActiveCampaign course on building marketing funnels up there. Only 87 views, but it’s clearly something people are interested.

Next steps

We’ll keep up the Facebook advertising and potentially increase the advertising spend per day.

Also, inside Oribi I’m going to start tracking individual pages and becoming more specific with our button click measurements.

Finally, I’m going to continue smashing our regular content every week. 3 posts a week on the site minimum, 1 YouTube video and 1 podcast per week. A lot to do I know, but I also know my sales and lead conversion process works, so I want to top up the top of funnel.



oribi analytics, traffic report source, channel source

I love Oribi because it shows me who’s doing what, from what source

Google and Direct are still our best source of traffic. Interestingly, GoDaddy is showing to be our 3rd best source of traffic and top referral source.


Good to see YouTube referring traffic as we continue to create more video content. Eventually, I’d like to see Facebook as one of our top channels with our paid advertising while we scale our reach.

Some interesting numbers to see, 19% of visitors from Facebook signed up to our WordPress marketing funnel training.

This page is ONLY accessible from our paid Facebook advert. While it’s possible of course to search for it from Google, we’ve only been tracking this event for 10 days, where the campaign has been running almost a month.

facebook insight analytics, conversions report

Massive numbers here I know, 11 optins from one campaign. Insane

However, this page also shows a 45% conversion for direct visits, which I’m assuming is a tracking error, as I haven’t given the link out. It’s possible that somehow Oribi is tracking a certain type of click from Facebook as direct. Or…something else. Hell if I know.

Next steps

Looks like I can’t accurately measure some campaigns until they’ve been running for over a month. I clearly need to add more specific tracking to my events if I want to measure optins more accurately.

Email subscribers


149 new subscribers in 30 days. That’s an average of 5 new subscribers a day. A growth of 7.65% per month.

activecampaign email list growth, email list report

Roughly 2 unsubscribes per day. Some of which is also automated with our hygiene automation


Oribi is CRAZY close in accuracy showing 147 optins via their tracking. This is good to see and I want to keep an eye on that to check that’s not a fluke.

Oribi measures thank you page visits, where ActiveCampaign obviously records actual optins. So it’s great to see this so close.

email list subscriber growth, email list subscriber report

Next steps

At 7% growth per month, we should be at just over 2000 email subscribers by this time next month.

From this report, I can see I need to keep producing content. Increase the scale of our Facebook ads and keep an eye on our landing page conversion rates.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.