What happened when I published a video a day on YouTube – June traffic report

“What get’s measured, get’s managed”

Peter Drucker

We’ll be measuring traffic, conversions into leads and email subscribers. I want to share what’s working, insight as to why numbers go up or down and our goals.

We use Oribi to measure our traffic and leads, ActiveCampaign to measure leads and email subscribers and we’re now using Facebook analytics to measure our remarketing traffic and some lead gen. Also, I’m going to start measuring our YouTube as well, because I have big plans. Big, hairy, audacious plans. A BHAP if you will. I’m positive I’ve coined that exact term.



3130 new visitors. Absolutely awesome. I think that means May wasn’t a fluke. Compared to last months 3094 that’s a 1.5% growth. That’s fine with me as it means that I’m now on 100 visitors a day to the site. Very happy Mikey.

analytics oribi, oribi analytic, funnel analytics

Oribi analytics for June 2018

Typically it looks like on average we reach 140 users a day in the week, then it drops to half that in the weekends. There also doesn’t seem to be a massive increase when we publish new content. Perhaps I’m not sending out enough notifications.

This is Oribi by the way, the analytics tool that I use.


ONE blog post is driving almost 1/3 these visits. 8 product launch emails templates is responsible for over 1125 visits. Also almost all of those are from Google.

Next steps

I’ll work on the optin form on my super post and see if I can increase conversions there.



A drop in traffic from google BUT  a jump in traffic from Facebook and direct compared to last month.

oribi funnel traffic report, june traffic channel report

Funnel traffic for June channels from Oribi


Traffic is going up, but I want to make sure we don’t stall. Eventually, I want YouTube to drive 10% of our traffic. As I’m now producing a video a day on YouTube I think as my YT channel grows, my traffic referrals will also grow.

Next steps

Keep producing content for YouTube and drive more viewers back to my website with calls to actions and products.

Email subscribers


The big 1000 baby. I’m now a 4-figure-list. The lofty heights of internet stardom are just around the corner. According to ActiveCampaign in June we ended with 1003 active subscribers.

activecampaign list growth, marketing funnel list growth, funnels active campaign

Contact growth over June report with ActiveCampaign


That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Seriously. Getting to 1000 subscribers was very very hard and it took a long time. I don’t doubt that the next 9000 will also be hard work. But It’s there now and ALSO I can see that the number of subscribes to un-subs has dropped. Only 1 person a day on average unsubscribed so that’s good.

Next steps

I want to add 200 new subscribers by the end of August. Which is a 20% growth, and will require a killer content strategy.

Facebook paid traffic


Sooo…..I did implement a cold traffic campaign. It generated 1 click. 1 fucking click. As you might think, that wasn’t the deluge in new visitors that I was expecting.

On the other hand, our remarketing campaign dropped as well. Maybe time to change the ad creative/offer? 71 link clicks in June at £0.31 per click.

facebook remarketing campaign, facebook warm traffic, june traffic report

Facebook remarketing campaign June


I think I get the concepts of remarketing now. Now it’s time to scale it out and look at other audiences.

I’ve built a few custom audiences which has been really interesting. Seeing people land on a checkout page and leave.

Next steps

Try to create 3 new remarketing campaigns to capture specific silo based interests.



June is our first full month where I published one new video a day. I’m really getting into videography and its teaching me a lot rather than just 1 a week. But I’m sure I’ll scale down after 100 videos.

youtube channel growth, youtube subscribers june

80 new subscribers and as of time of writing, we’re over 600 subscribers which is great.


I can clearly see where some of my new subs are coming from and that one video a day is growing our channel. How sustainable that is I don’t know. Also, I read Vlog Like A Boss by Amy Schmittauer (now Landino) and she made it very clear that I have to have a strategy behind my publishing frequency. Shorter vlog style videos might suit every day. But they’re overwhelming in that number.

Or if I’m building longer term search strategy, 1 a day might work as well as 2 a week. We’ll have to experiment. But I can’t stop until I’ve got 100 anyway.

Next steps

Keep producing 1 video a day and grow the channel.

Mike Killen

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