Where to find $500 or $50000 FAST

In this post I’m going to show you the fastest way to find extra revenue, for your funnel business, fast.


Does it feel like you desperately need to find $500 or $5000 or $50000 by the end of the month? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got bills and invoices that appear, and no matter how diligent you are, you’ll sometimes fall short at the end of your month.

You’ve got too much month at the end of your money, right? It happens to all of us.

Or maybe you just want to buy a new plugin or course, and you think that you’ll need an extra $2000 for the purchase. Or how about your revenue goal is $100000 for the year and you need an extra $25000?

Too simple?

This might sound ludicrously simple, it might even sound like there’s a huge catch. But there isn’t. If you want to generate X for your business, you need to make a sale.

But instead of doing what most businesses do (we’ll get to THAT massive mistake), you’re going to do something else. Something fast, cheap and easy.

I’m not going to tell you that in order to make $500 today or $50000 today, that you have to spend $500 or $50000. The answer is crazy simple, but people don’t do it. Why? Because there is a chance you’ll be rejected.

Stop building products

Here’s what most funnel builders do. If they need to increase their revenue for the month or if they’re facing a revenue shortfall, they’ll start building new products.

Let’s say you’re facing a $10000 shortfall. 99% of funnel builders will immediately think of a new idea or product that they can build. They’ll design and build a new product, like a new landing page package or email series.

Or, they’ll move into a completely new niche or area like drop-shipping or e-commerce. I’ve seen this happen again and again. People face a shortfall in revenue and they’llĀ spendĀ money on a new skill, starting again, to try and find a shortcut to make money.

This is the core of the problem, funnel builders might need to make money fast, so they’ll look for shortcuts. When really, the one thing they need to do, is make more offers of their current products, to their current network.

Make more offers

Here’s where things become unattractive. I’ve just told you that if you make more offers to your network, market and audience, you’ll find revenue.

So why don’t people do it more often? Fear of rejection.

Most funnel builders are terrified of rejection, so they do everything they can do avoid it. Even if they are desperate for income and revenue, they’ll still take on activities that are unlikely to result in sales, just so they can avoid their fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection

Funnel builder hate the idea of asking someone for the sale, and that person saying “no”. It’s as if that person who said no, will somehow erase the funnel builder from existence with their rejection.

Of course 10000 years ago, rejection did mean erasing from the gene pool. But now, it doesn’t matter. It literally doesn’t matter. In fact, you NEED to collect as many rejections as you can before you start getting accepted.

Where to find $500 or $50000 FAST

If you need to make a shortfall in revenue, or to make a sale as soon as possible, make more offers.

Offer to help people. Offer to build them a landing page. Offer them a chance to take Friday’s off (because you’ll do their email marketing). Offer your audience a future and a benefit that you can provide.

Would you like less time spent at your email and more time at home? Because I can help with that.

Would you like to understand where you should spend your traffic budget? Because I can help with that.

Would you like to grow your email subscriber list? Because I can help with that.

You could offer a consultation, building service or quick meeting. What matters is your insistence that you can help them and you make that offer.

Think about the path to revenue. At the start is where you are, you need to make a sale to generate some revenue. At the end is you with the revenue. If it turns out that the only thing standing in your way, is making offers, why in the hell wouldn’t you make more offers?

Why the hell?

“I’m afraid of rejection. I’m worried that people will think I’m selling too hard and they’ll see me as pushy.”

Stand in the middle of your local high street or main street and start singing. Sing as loud as you can and what will 99% of people do? They’ll ignore you. For one reason or another, people will walk right past you and ignore you singing in public.

Being rejected isn’t your problem. Apathy is your problem. Most people will simply ignore your offer. That’s the worst that will happen. Absolutely no one is going to think you’re a “hard salesperson”.

My job used to be door-to-door sales for satellite TV. I also used to sell insurance and upsell products to car hire customers. And I was gooooooood. I had crazy sales numbers, and when I was asked what my secret was…

My secret to killer sales

I pulled all the regional sales officers into our meeting room. I was like a sales king. So many managers and sales reps in one room. Eagerly awaiting my secret to crushing my numbers.

With over 30 people in the room, I prepared to tell them exactly what my secret was. “Guys and gals, the reason I make more sales than anyone else in the region is very simple. It’s a key secret that consistently increases both the number of people I sell to and the likelihood that someone will buy. And that secret…is that I’ll ask them if they want to buy.”

My entire sales secret, was that I offered the insurance, or upsell or TV package or whatever. I offered the sale to anyone and everyone. I increased the number of people who heard the offer and the number of people who bought the offer. By asking.

“Would you like the insurance for the car? Protect yourself on the journey?”

“Would you like a more comfortable drive? Upgrade to the nicer model?”

“Would you like the package? We can install it next week.”

Most people just said “yeah sure” and I charged their card there and then. It was mental. People who didn’t want it said no and moved on. No one was offended. No one was rude or thought I was scamming them.

Your job is to make another offer. And if that one has a “no”, move on and make another offer and another until someone says yes. That’s honestly about as complicated as it gets. Who do you know, that you could offer to help? That’s where you need to start.

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Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.