October traffic and subscriber report

Every month I examine my own traffic, subscribers and channels to see what’s growing. What’s gets measured, gets managed baby.

We use Oribi to measure our traffic and leads, ActiveCampaign to measure leads and email subscribers and we’re now using Facebook analytics to measure our remarketing traffic and some lead gen.



3751 visits, which is a 9% growth from last month. Very happy that’s it’s climbed again and I’ve got a feeling I know why.

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This is Oribi by the way, the analytics tool that I use.


We got over the 3700 I wanted from last month. But I think September I slacked on the quality of the blog content. October I really ramped back to better written, higher quality content and I think it shows.

How to write a killer sales letter for any product or service and 8 product launch email templates are still high performing pages driving almost 1500 views a month.

We also launched our brand new long form killer post – How to run a profitable, successful marketing funnel business in 2019 which we drove a lot of paid traffic to. More on that later.

Next steps

Our course pages also had close to 500 views which is great to see. We’ve started a remarketing campaign for the course visits and we’ll be monitoring those closely.



150 views from Youtube which is down from last month, but we also had a lot of traffic from Facebook which is great. Partly as we had a paid cold traffic campaign running.

37 clicks from Instagram too which is cool.

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Elegant marketplace still driving some traffic, which is great to see. I think a massive part of my strategy needs to find 2-3 topics that people are searching for, similar to the content above that already ranks well and drives a lot of traffic.

Next steps

We’ve almost finished our new membership site which should make sales and conversions easier to manage.

Email subscribers


1,375 subscribers, which is a 13.26% increase and an increase of 118 subscribers! That’s the largest number of subscribers in a month ever. Previously that would have taken me 2 months to get.

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Well we hit the 5  day. Part of me thinks it’s a fluke because there was a big jump on one day. I’m also going to start measuring list growth by the number of contacts on my list, rather than using the reporting from ActiveCampaign as I’ve found the numbers and results change over time.

Next steps

Our conversion rate was pretty high across the entire site. So if I increase traffic I’ll increase my subscribers.

Facebook paid traffic


Slight increase in cost per click at £0.29 per click. 118 clicks which is fine, but roughly the same cost for last month in total.

We’ve got a cold traffic campaign running finally! It drives traffic to our new killer post How to run a profitable, successful marketing funnel business in 2019.

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Our remarketing continues to e strong, 163 clicks at around £0.26 per click.

facebook ads cold traffic, facebook ads traffic, facebook cold traffic

Our cold traffic campaign is aimed at 30 different specific audiences. As you can see, most of the clicks came from the interest “Fiverr” which also came at £0.08 per click. However I really need to see if this is converting well before I make any changes to the platform.

In total, clicks are on average £0.17 per click, but audiences like Grant Cardone and Pay Per Click are driving that up.

Next steps

I need to add conversion measuring to the adverts to see if they convert into leads. Also, it’s important to know that the cold traffic is designed to build an audience for our warm traffic ads.



Bloody broke 1000 subs didn’t I! As of writing I have 1067 subs. HOWEVER – I have been told that the REAL metric I should be measuring is watch time (minutes).

The thinking is that subscribers will come if your content is good and it ranks well.  But you have to make sure that people are watching your content in order to get any value. So I’ll mainly be measuring my watch time from now on.

youtube watch time, youtube marketing funnel, youtube analytics subscribers


17% drop from last month from 27.5k minutes watched. It’s now at 23k minutes so I need to work on getting more people watching more of my content.

My idea is to produce more, shorter videos. Keep the % watched high.

Next steps

3 videos a week seems doable and I really enjoy creating video content.

Mike Killen

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