Swipe these 33 bullet points to sell more marketing services to your customers

We always hear “sell benefits” but most of the time, it’s hard to understand what the benefit of email marketing or content creation is.

We know there are benefits to all these services. But how do we write and explain them?

Using a bullet point framework I learned from Miles Beckler and Terry Dean, I’ve created 33 benefit bullet point examples that you can take, swipe and tweak to use in your marketing copy for customers.

Put these in proposals, landing pages, social content, sales letters, emails. Wherever you want.

It’s worth noting that some of the language might need to be tweaked to your style. Keep the framework and message but change the tone to however you want to use the copy.

Email marketing

Email marketing is when you create email copy for your clients to send to their leads and customers.

  • How to finally connect with your customers and capture their complete attention (where your competition can’t reach them)
  • Skyrocket your sales by massively increasing your market reach more effectively than any sales person
  • 3 unusual times to send emails that catches customers right when they’re at their most interested (even if your current open rates suck)

Content writing

Content writing for customers would be writing blog posts, social, email, web pages or anything else that requires interesting copy or story telling.

  • Did you know that customers trust you more when you have this specific type of blog post? And they’ll buy quicker as soon as they’ve read it
  • Why beginners are able to attract thousands more visitors than older, established businesses (and how you can copy their technique)
  • WARNING: You’re already making this common website mistake that drives customers crazy and forces them to leave your website

Email automation

Creating emails that drive sales on automation following certain triggers or actions.

  • Why advertising almost never works and could be causing you longer term problems. You need to speak to customers when THEY’RE ready to listen
  • The easy way to become 10x more productive and start communicating with your customers like you’re psychic
  • The absolute worst time to send a sales email (and the best)

Sales letter writing

Customers might as you to create sales copy and write sales letters for their products and services.

  • The truth behind making sales online and how ONE web page can attract more customers than a full time sales person ever could
  • What Richard Branson does to create scalable and recurring revenue (even after he’s left the business)
  • If you’re fed up with long sales meetings and trying to sell your products face to face, I’ve got a single web page that will replace all your future sales meetings (and save countless hours of calls)

Squeeze funnel design

Building basic squeeze funnels to attract traffic and convert them, offering a thank you page and an upsell. Basic self liquidating offer kind of funnel.

  • How to grow your email for free. Drive paid traffic to a single squeeze page and redirect all new optins to a video sales letter. Sell a simple low cost product and if just 2/100 optins buy, you’ll have paid for your cost per click. Effectively growing your email list for free.
  • No more expensive ad campaigns that suck your budget dry. Just start offering products to new optins for a low price and get them to pay for your traffic costs.
  • The single most important web page that all businesses ignore, that you’ll ever need if you want to grow your email list (and do it for free)

Landing page design

Designing landing pages for a specific action such as a sale or optin.

  • Better than social media marketing. Generate as much engagement and authority as any social media group WITHOUT giving your data to Facebook
  • Do you make these SEO traffic mistakes? Are you trying to drive traffic from Google search results? This page will convert searches into sales
  • The 3X3 Page Template which converts cold traffic into email subscribers (who are likely to spend money within 20 minutes of signing up)

Facebook ads

Building Facebook campaigns, ads and traffic for customers.

  • Advertising your products to buy online is smart right? WRONG! Advertising what you sell could be killing your business (and what you should be advertising instead)
  • What you must do to avoid spending THOUSANDS on advertising before it’s too late
  • Where to find your customer’s favourite pages, target your competitions traffic and get clicks for free

Social media marketing

Creating social groups and managing a community who grow to love a brand and answering questions/posting content to social profiles.

  • Predictably create income every week from this simple audience/conversion maths formula
  • Explode customer retention and create raving fans who can’t help but sell your products for you (without a penny in commission fees)
  • Critical 3 questions you must ask every new group member if you want to make your social media marketing profitable


Working on customer websites to change their content in order to rank better for certain search terms on Google, YouTube and the big one – Alta Vista.

  • Did you know that the second largest search engine is YouTube? If you’re not creating content to rank for YouTube search terms you’re missing out on millions of visitors
  • How brand new businesses drive thousands of sales using Amazon as a search engine (and how you can easily do the same)
  • WARNING: You’re driving thousands of unsuitable, unqualified visitors to your website and worse still, they’re driving potential customers away

Marketing funnel building

Building high quality and high value, complex marketing funnels including pages, email, social, traffic and content for customers.

  • Why website design never works and it’s crippling your sales. If you’re serious about building a sustainable online business, you need these 3 pages instead
  • The easy way to create assets for your business that generate recurring income (and make your business look extremely attractive to buyers)
  • What never to put on your website and the absolute worst thing you can do to someone who has just opted in to your email list

Funnel consultation

Providing insight and ideas to businesses which they can take and implement.

  • The truth behind why your marketing campaigns are failing and why you need to STOP attracting new leads to the business (until you’ve done this)
  • Start spending less time at the office and more time doing fun stuff while you leave your website to do all the hard work, just like how Lorrie Grenier from Shark Tank does it
  • If you’ve got a high ticket product and a low cost product, use this framework to create subscription and recurring revenue products that create scalable, predictable income

Sell futures, not features

Hopefully you can see here with these bullet points just how amazing and appealing your marketing services can be. Start selling the future that the customer wants and use that as the benefit.

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Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.