5 questions that turn any funnel project into a crazy desirable offer

By Mike Killen / July 4, 2019

I want to show you how you can create incredible, desirable offers for your customers, even if you’re selling boring and complex marketing funnels and automation. Let’s start with the transformation that people are going to accomplish, in order to reach their better future. You’ll need a niche, in this example I’ll use author/speakers who…

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You must niche down

By Mike Killen / May 16, 2019

This is an edited transcript form a previous YouTube video and podcast. If you owned a 1960s red classic Ferrari and it was in a pretty bad state and you knew that you wanted to restore it to show room condition. Would you rather take it to a) a regular auto body repair shop that…

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marketing funnel niche, choose a funnel niche, marketing funnel builders

If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat it like my ex-girlfriend Sam

By Mike Killen / November 9, 2017

We’re going to discover the simple way to craft a niche for your marketing funnel business. If you want to discover the perfect niche for your marketing funnel business, treat them like my ex-girlfriend, Sam There are 2 main problems when choosing a niche for a marketing funnel business. Have you chosen the right niche…

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choosing a marketing funnel niche

How to decide the niche for your funnel business once and for all

By Mike Killen / September 14, 2017

Choose a niche for your funnel business. Niche down. Create a sub-niche. Find a micro niche. All good advice but how can funnel builders really choose a niche AND stick to it. There are literally THOUSANDS of agencies and funnel builder businesses out there. Why should someone choose you over anyone else? What does your…

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marketing funnel business sales coaching

6 steps to running a better marketing funnel business

By Mike Killen / August 31, 2017

Forget traffic, subscribers, email lists, software and websites. We’re going to explore exactly what your marketing funnel business needs in order to sell marketing funnels. If your main business is going to be selling marketing funnels, you’ll need to understand that you’re in a very competitive market. Even if you build the best funnels in…

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niche marketing, category, marketing funnel coaching, category design, marketing funnel niche,

108 niches that marketing funnel businesses could become kings in

By Mike Killen / August 10, 2017

If you want to discover endless depth to your market, you need to get very specific about your niche. I’ve lost count of how many marketing businesses will offer advice like “you need to niche down”, but when they themselves are asked about their customer, they’ll respond with “any small business really”. Amateurs. The fastest…

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