99 things you can do to get a competitive advantage (because your competition aren’t doing them)

We’re constantly being told to “go where the competition aren’t”.
Protip: This isn’t some magical watering hole where all your customers are hanging out. Somewhere that your competition aren’t going to or don’t know about.

Your competition are humans too. They’re lazy, fearful and unfocused. Which is where you can find enormous competitive advantages if you’re willing to do what they won’t.

Read this list below for 99 ideas on stuff you can do, to get a competitive advantage. Because your competition can’t or won’t do them.

Note: If you read this and go “I can’t do any of these”, or you can think of an excuse not to do them. Congratulations, you’re in the same boat as your competition.

There are thousands of reasons to not do things and if they were easy, everyone would be doing it. So ask yourself what’s more important. Being helpful and getting ahead of the pack, or doing the minimum level like everyone else and moaning that things aren’t different.


Writing regular blog content every week
Writing regular blog content every day
Getting guests to post content on your blog
How to guides explaining the MOST important thing you can help with
Templates for email outreach for your customers to download
Writing up a version of a presentation
Worksheets with webinars that are free to watch
Closed captions or subtitles on your videos
Producing video content every week
Documenting your journey and process with another customer and sharing it
Weekly podcast with a guest or co-host


Free email course showing how to do something incredibly useful
Weekly coaching on a subject
Monthly coaching on a subject
YouTube series showing customers how to do something
Webinar series explaining how to do something
Worksheets on something that could help your customers
Q&A sessions with recordings
Audio training series for the car/gym
“Expanded scope” training on personal development, finance etc.
Outside experts teaching overlap subjects
Yearly updates on new technologies and ideas


Package up free training and sell it as a series
Pre-written templates for content and emails
Affiliate products for software, apps and stuff that you don’t make
Weekly written content from Speedlancer.com for their business
Online course with in depth demos and explanations on subjects
Write a book
Record consultation and offer that at a lower price to other customers
Group workshops with breakouts
3 day bootcamp series
Turnkey funnel solution via clone and host
Private membership funnel set up for customer’s customers.

Regular communication

Call during a project to see how things are going
Call after a project closes
Reach out to new subscribers for an email conversation
Book a call once a week with new leads
Mentoring for new customers and leads
Actually tweet new followers and talk to them
Questionnaire or survey asking for new product ideas
Social outreach in groups helping with questions
Conversations moving customers onto splinter products
Live stream a day working with you
Live broadcasts with demonstrations and training


Convention with speakers
Weekly breakfast round-table
Monthly networking with beers
Skype calls
Introducing customers to other customers
Facilitating mastermind sessions
Building a “supplier” or partner list
Start a co-working group or space
Product discount network
Facilitate local networking groups in a franchise model
Present information TO your competition (really freak ’em out)


Building easy access to authorities in your space
Become an authority in your space
Private Facebook group
Private Slack channel
Private LinkedIn group
Create a private forum
Group calls and accountability sessions
One large project with multiple customers working on it
Pick a vertical and build a group for them
Introduce customers to new leaders and authorities
Webinar between two networks


Weekly newsletter with new content
Daily email with new ideas and help
Automated follow up sequence with new blog content
Follow up sequence with hidden training and content
Follow up emails with best and most valuable training
3 part training series with webinars via email for long time subscribers
Re-engagement series for subscribers that are inactive
Email asking them for a testimonial
Sales follow up series for products
Launch emails for new products
Subscription or consumption emails to increase use of current product


Find 10 influencers that your customers look up to and write a list post
Reach out to influencers and offer a guest post
Get influencers on a podcast
Webinar with guest speaker
Sell affiliate products from influencers
Create a model (a way of helping people i.e. CVO funnel, mass control, WPE Blueprint) and talk about it
Talk about your model AGAIN via webinars, training,
Retweet, follow and subscribe to influencer content
Get on influencer webinars to present
Partner with influencers for new products
Attend industry events and work to get time with speakers


What’s the biggest problem in your industry? Research and report other businesses with the same problem.
Research the solutions for biggest problems in your market.
Get future trends and analyse the opportunities and threats for customers
Speak to customers and ask what they need help with
What are the biggest roadblocks for your customers? How can you help?
Actual useful data reporting – what subject lines worked for your customers?
Most common myths or bad practice that customers engage in or believe
Most successful solutions for your customers
Most popular solutions for customers in different markets
List popular and useful books for your customers
Interview industry experts and ask their advice

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.