Here’s the biggest reason that people CAN’T spend $10k on your funnels

If you can’t help someone find $10 000, then you don’t deserve $10 000. Simple as that.

If you’ve ever read an email where a customer says they can’t afford the $10 000 price tag, there’s one reason it’s true. You’re incapable of finding the $10 000 for your customer.

I’m going to show you where someone can find $10 000 for a marketing funnel project.

As funnel builders, our relationship with money can be strained to say the least. We have this awesome product that we want to build. It helps businesses, makes people’s lives better and generates revenue. So why isn’t it a no-brainer for someone?

Because we’re unable to think where someone would get $10 000 from in the first place.

Your mindset and attitude MUST be that you can help someone FIND $10 000 to pay for one of your marketing funnels. Hell, people should go into DEBT for your marketing services. Why? Because you’re going to deliver over $10k in value aren’t you?

Well, aren’t you?

If you’re not confident that you can seriously generate $10 000 or $25 000 or $100 000, then why do you deserve the sale?

You should be willing to tell people to go into debt for your services.

If your brain and thoughts are telling you that $10 000 is a lot of money, it is. You’ve already decided that $10 000 is a crazy amount of money. Maybe even more than you’d be willing to spend yourself?

So you have to make a shift towards $10k being a transference of energy. Money isn’t the hottest girl in school (unobtainable and unapproachable). Money isn’t a movie star at a restaurant who you shouldn’t really approach for a selfie.

Money is a transference of energy. It’s light, sound, heat and movement. That’s all. There’s literally TRILLIONS of dollars in the world that are available to you. You must believe that the $10k you’re asking for is not only obtainable, but also worth the product being delivered.

As more and more funnel builders enter the market, you’re going to come up against price more and more. Your pricing strategy needs to remain steadfast in your ability to justify a $10k or $1m price tag. As more funnel builders come in and LOWER their prices, you have to open yourself up to receiving MORE from customers.

If you KNEW a fail-safe series of ways to raise $10k for a customer, wouldn’t that make a $10k price tag easier to swallow? Even if they came back with “we can’t afford that” (which they won’t when you have the right mindset), you can give them a load of ways to FIND the money.

If you KNOW you can help them find the money, any reason to not buy from you is obviously not about price. Think about this for a second.

In late 2016 we had two funnel clients on the proposal stage. Both said they couldn’t afford the $25 000 price tag. Now I KNOW of at least 4 ways (below) they could find the money.

I explained the $25k finding methods to them. 1 signed up straight away and asked themselves “what was all the fuss about?”. The other STILL didn’t want to buy. So it obviously wasn’t about price was it? We could find them the money. So if we could do that, what was the big deal.

The big deal is that even if we found $25k, they still wouldn’t want to hand it over. They didn’t trust us.

This is what I mean when I repeatedly tell funnel builders, that price is nothing to do with their reason to not buy.

What are the ways I used to help someone find $25k or more?

  1. Raise the money from investors
  2. Go into debt
  3. Sell to customers
  4. Cut back on expenses

1. Raise the money from investors

Call up 5 people you trust and ask them to invest in your business. The funnel WILL deliver and you’ll be rewarded. This is an investment in the business which will last FAR longer than the initial payment terms.

Do you have 5 people who could invest $5000 into your business? Of course you do. Hell, some of your current customers would probably be willing to do it.

Your job as a funnel builder is to understand the benefits of what you deliver to EVERYONE. Customers, businesses, managers, staff, investors, partners. The clearer you are on the benefits to all involved, the easier it is to envision someone investing in the customer.

2. Go into debt

You read that right. Extend that line of credit, go into the overdraft, get a loan. You need this funnel and the small interest of debt will be nothing compared to the results I’ll bring you.

Debt is the easiest way to find money. Sure, it can get out of hand. But do you trust in yourself enough to deliver a product paid with debt. You should be.

3. Sell to customers

Here’s a mad idea. Generate the money needed from CUSTOMERS. Put on a campaign to sell a high profit, high ticket item to customers. Use your current source of revenue to expand your future source of revenue.

As a funnel builder, you should be willing to help a customer sell to their customers. $25 000 is 250 sales of $100. It’s 1000 sales of $25.

Or, 25 sales of $1000. Really, that’s not mental. That should be easily achievable.

4. Cut back on expenses

Businesses that spend $250 000 a year on sponsorship can find the money. Businesses that spend money on radio adverts, software, PPC and staff pensions can find the money.

If you feel inappropriate about telling someone to cut back, you should remember that you’re asking someone to give up sugar for vegetables.

Your conviction that your project is so much more important and valuable, needs to be so strong that you’d recommend someone cuts back on other expenses in order to pay for your investment. They can always return to wasting money later if the need to.

What if they still don’t want to buy?

Like I mentioned about. If someone still doesn’t want to buy, then it’s obviously not about the money.

If Ryan Deiss found a way to help me find $25000, I’d give it to him in a heartbeat. Why? Trust. I 100% trust that he’d deliver what I need. If your customer still doesn’t want to buy, it’s because they don’t trust you.

Work on the trust. Write blog posts and create videos that PROVE you’re the expert. Focus on a niche and produce content for that niche, which positions you as the expert. Believe you can generate over the value invested, and you’ll never fail to close 5 and 6 figure projects.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.