January 2018 traffic report

“What get’s measured, get’s managed”

Peter Drucker

We’ll be measuring traffic, conversions into leads and email subscribers. I want to share what’s working, insight as to why numbers go up or down and our goals.



In January 2018 we had 2000 unique visits to the Sell Your Service website, up from 1509 in December.

That’s an 33% decrease over last month. I am STOKED about this! Broke the 2000 visitor record! All without paid advertising, PPC and bought traffic.

Seeing as December was so low, it isn’t a surprise that we had more traffic than last month. But that’s also more than November’s traffic before the December drop.

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According to the analytics, we had an increase in both Google searches and from direct traffic. We ran a very compelling and consistent campaign right up to the end of January, with lots of emails being sent out.

According to our UTM report, almost all our traffic was from untagged visitors. I KNOW that some traffic is coming from other sources than just a few newsletters and Missinglettr. So it looks like I need to up my UTM game.

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In December’s report I talked about a big campaign we had coming up. Our prices are increasing and people had the opportunity to lock in the lower price. We drove lots of email traffic to our site on the 29th, 30th and 31st January, which might have caused a final spike.

I published 5 blog posts and 8 videos to YouTube during January. But I also pushed a massive webinar for the 18th January, designed to sell our coaching. We had something like 140 people turn up to the webinar and the final sales numbers we around 30 new sign ups.

Next steps

I’ve decided to stop tracking all pages and posts on Oribi, it’s becoming harder and harder to track what’s important. Instead, I’ll focus on 3 key areas.

  • Landing page traffic
  • Lead magnet sign ups
  • Sales page visits

I can YouTube becoming a huge traffic source for us. Not only does it help our SEO rankings, thus driving more traffic. But it’s also a great referral source.



Google still our top traffic referrer. YouTube creeping up slightly, but a lower % of visitors from YouTube than last year. Great to see a few other smaller referrals from places like Reddit, Andy McIlwain’s site (guest post here) and ClickFunnels.


Funny to see things like Yahoo and Zoom on there. My favourite part of this spreadsheet (nerd alert) is seeing customer conversions from various sources. YouTube made me a sale (Clicks buy for $1…). ManageWP made me two sales! You can see how over time, with consistent blogging and content, your sales happen on automation.

Next steps

Get back to Facebook advertising. Drive massive levels of traffic to squeeze pages from Facebook to ramp up our splinter product sales.

Email subscribers


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I’m well happy with this. 171 new subscribers and 79 unsubscribes, which is a net gain of 92 new subscribers. Roughly 3 a day. Interestingly December’s report was also 3 a day on average, so maybe we need to increase traffic to subscriber pages?

Also, on Jan 15th someone posted a competition of ours in the Beaver Builder Facebook group. So we gained around 40 odd subscribers there alone. I want to keep an eye on our unsubscribes. While it’s good that a list cleans itself, we also have automation that does that. We were pushing our coaching program pretty hard so some people might have just got annoyed.


I’ve started setting up the content silos in ActiveCampaign to be more manageable and easier to analyse. I’ll share that process soon. I need to continue with that and keep publishing content.

Next steps

We’re currently sat at around 2400 subscribers. But only 714 are showing signs of being regularly active. Through ActiveCampaign, I tag people on their actions and assign them points. 2404 people are signed up, but only 714 regularly open my emails and contribute, I want to get that to 1000.

I estimate that at a growth rate of 7% I should be at 1000 engaged subscribers by

At 7% growth per month, we should be at just over 1000 engaged email subscribers by June 2018.

Seeing as we’re at February already, that’s only 5 months away. Assuming we stay at at least a 7% growth rate for our subscribers.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.