How to nurture leads the right way [Infographic] by the team at Marketing Cloud

It’s not enough to have the “best” product or service. And your website design or social media will only go so far. If you’re serious about generating regular, repeat sales for yourself and your customers, you need to nurture your leads.

In this post, we’ve teamed up with Salesforce and Marketing Cloud to present their guide to better lead nurturing. Following up and nurturing your leads gives you better insight into their wants, needs and allows you to develop deeper relationships with them.

Of course, to do that you can’t limit yourself to just thinking about how your product or service solves something for someone. You have to think about what it is that troubles them—what’s their pain point, in other words? Do they need to manage time or improve productivity, for example?

And your service or product is just one element in that pain-solving process. So how do you convince someone to continue a relationship after you’ve met that need once? This graphic explains what lead nurturing is and how to make yours work better.

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Rachael Fishman

Rachael is a Digital Marketer currently focused on website strategy, technical SEO, & content marketing. She thrives in environments that value professional development and team building. She currently works at Salesforce in San Francisco & is an honorary Trailhead ranger. She possesses a unique combination of marketing experience, with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing. In 2009, she transitioned from a career in the mental health industry to marketing.