7 Habits Pro-Funnel Builders Must Adopt (And How To Form Them)

In this post we’re going to explore the 7 key habits that all funnel builders MUST adopt if they want to grow their business, revenue, income, profit and time.

We’ll also look at how to form the habits that I talk about here. It’s not easy to form new habits, but the law of compounding means that our habits BUILD our futures. You can tell a lot about someone’s future, by looking at what they do every day.

Which opportunity to jump on

Facebook remarketing. Bitcoin. Landing page builders. It all gets a little overwhelming. There are too many options to “make money online” and we’re bombarded with hundreds of them every day.

The problem comes when you don’t know which opportunity to jump on and take hold of. Which products, systems and processes are going to make you a successful funnel builder? Of all of the options and opportunities, which ones should you commit to?

More importantly, how do you know the RIGHT opportunity, product or system? And what do you do when it looks like another great opportunity has come your way?

It’s very difficult to know what you should commit to, especially when it looks like the decision you’ve made doesn’t seem to be working.

For example, let’s say you’ve decided to focus on selling Facebook remarketing to your clients. At the time it looked like an obvious choice, and everyone seemed to be making a lot of money with it. However after some initial early success, sales are slowing down and you seem to struggle to sell Facebook remarketing.

So then content marketing turns up as a new opportunity. All affiliate sales. Landing page design. The list of opportunities never seems to end but every time you try a new opportunity, you’re starting from scratch and you never seem to get any further.

Does that sound like your final business?

So brilliant that it “sells itself”.

There’s a huge misconception that the product is your opportunity. Many funnel builders continually chase the idea of finding the perfect product or system to sell to their customers. Many funnel software businesses, internet marketing” gurus”, and money making courses claim to have the system that will work for you.

Many of them say that their system is exactly what your customers want, and it’s so brilliant that it “sells itself”.

Have you ever fallen for one of these opportunities? I know I have.

My inbox and folders are full of products, opportunities, systems and courses that claim to make me money quickly. I’ve lost count how many funnel products I should be able to sell to my customers again and again. Yet, they don’t seem to make much difference.

Don’t be a¬†wantrepreneur

Every day there are new opportunities and products launched to funnel builders. As building marketing automation funnels becomes a larger and larger market, more and more people will try to sell products to the “wantrepreneur”. A wantrepreneur Is someone who thinks they are an entrepreneur, really just wants the title more than the responsibilities.

Wantrepreneurs make great customers as they are always buying the next big thing. Or, what they think is the next big you have to do everything you can to not be a wantrepreneur. Don’t jump from opportunity to opportunity, just because it looks like you’re getting traction. You need to stick to a series of habits (which will go over below) if you want to be a successful pro-funnel builder.

On top of all that you need to commit to the habits that make you stop it’s not enough to do a healthy habit once. You have to commit to it and live that habit every single day every single week of every single year.

7 Habits Pro-Funnel Builders Must Adopt (And How To Form Them)


“The man that doesn’t read has no advantage over the man that can’t read”

Reading books on business, personal development, marketing, finance and everything in between will fastly improve your ability to grow your business.

It’s a threefold process that happens only after you commit to reading every day.

First, you’ll find you have more ideas for your funnel business. You’ll start to recognise patterns in the biographies of people you admire. You start to recognise systems and processes in books on business. You begin to see that there is a very definite pattern to what makes a professional business yet alone a professional and successful funnel business.

Second you’ll have more ideas to share with your customers. There is nothing more attractive to a customer than a well read and well educated marketing funnel builder. Someone who is able to talk about ideas, new practices and authors outside of their industry is an extremely attractive supplier.

Third, your share more of your ideas naturally and grow a larger audience. Those who read and share their ideas are more likely to be followed than those who don’t read anything and don’t share anything.

If you want to read more then I suggest half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night. That’s just 30 minutes when you wake up, and 30 minutes before you go to bed. You could even just try to read 10 pages a day and within a month, you’d be able to read a 300 page book.


There is absolutely no excuse now for anyone, let alone a funnel builder, to not continually educate themselves. Everything you could possibly want to learn or know is available online, sometimes for free, and in an easily digestible format.

Although there is something to be said for those who continually learned but never implement. I find that naturally through learning more I will implement more in my daily activities. It’s as if I have to learn 10 things, before I will automatically introduce one of them into my daily routines.

Learning, bettering yourself, personal development and continuing education is the best investment you can make.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “how can I earn more money online?”

I’m also asked a lot about investing, stocks and shares, funds, property and online automation. The first thing I will suggest anyone who wants to make more money, is to understand investing. In the first place to start investing within yourself.

I believe the 10% of your time should be spent learning educating and attending courses. You can attend online courses, seminars, webinars or mail order courses. It doesn’t make much difference and perhaps variety is also useful.

Sign yourself up to courses, commit to giving yourself Monday afternoon to just learning and you’ll find the results speak for themselves.

People can take away your money, tools, and completely change your industry. But no one can ever take away the skills that you’ve learned over time. Learning must become a regular daily habit if you want to be a successful funnel builder.

Writing content

One of the biggest mistakes I see many funnel builders make is there hesitance towards writing. You’re probably not going to write a bestselling novel in your first blog post. It’ll be short, full of typos and perhaps even a little incoherent. But that shouldn’t stop you.

Continually writing every single day is one of the key traits of successful people. From journalling to writing down your daily and lifetime goals. As well as writing regular blog content, writing books and sharing ideas. Writing is a way to meditate, away to reflect and a way to share your ideas. As Rob Moore says, “visibility is credibility”.

I know of no other time in human history where it’s easier to get out in front of an audience of people, for free, and grow an enormous following of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people without having to pay a cent.

If you are not taking advantage of the free audience, authority and revenue building opportunity of writing, then your struggle to grow your funnel business. There are millions of people looking for your advice and I believe you have a moral obligation to share it and help those people.


I was either going to call this habit recording or being organised. But being organised is too broad and has been hijacked by people who value things like “inbox zero”.

Recording is the process I go through for any of my processes, systems, activities, tasks or habits. I’m extremely conscious that if I feel something is worth doing once that it should be worth doing a thousand times. If it’s worth doing a thousand times that it’s worth recording.

This could be anything such as screen recording your blog writing or social media process. Two writing down and sharing your ideas in blog format to help your audience and customers.

By recording our processes and regularly writing up what it is that we’ve done as well as what were going to do. We build up a library of best practices, useful practices and make it faster for us in the long term.

Get yourself some screen recording software like Camtasia and start recording your processes. Use a dictation software like DragonDictate to take down your notes and ideas.

By having a regular recording process, your building out your scalability and profitability. Businesses with systems and processes are  profitable.


Regularly promoting your services and being in the habit of telling people how you can help them is one of the most valuable, yet underutilised marketing Practices that you can employ.

I’m staggered at how many people tell me they can build incredible funnels, squeeze pages, webinar funnels and sales automation. Yet, when I asked them when the last time they told their customers they did those services, they look at me with a blank expression.

I’ve lost count of how many funnel builders tell me that they forget to even tell their customers that they offer certain services.

You must be willing to regularly promote the same services, content and offers to the same audience over and over. Why do you think that Audi advertise four times in the same hour-long TV spot?

You have to be in the habit of regularly promoting yourself, your services and your content. A rule of thumb is that every single blog post you write you should spend 7 to 10 times the amount of time effort and budget on promoting that one blog post.

Does that change your content strategy? It should do. Most people write one piece of blog content move on and don’t do anything with it. Instead, you should be employing regular promotion strategies, every single day, to tell everyone in your audience and network what it is you do and how you can help.


Every single week on a Tuesday afternoon, our businesses spend time growing our network actively.

This means emailing current customers, new customers and old customers. It means reaching out to people with similar businesses and interests. It means reaching out to people with mutual customers such as insurers, hosting companies and software businesses.

Networking needs to become a regular habit within your business. Treat it like online learning, dedicate half a day every week to grow your network.

You can tell a person’s bank balance by the average bank balances of the 10 people they spend the most time with.

Who are the 10 people you spend the most time with? I guarantee you your bank balance is very similar to theirs. If you want to grow your bank balance, your audience, your authority, your expertise, or any other aspect of your business or personal life-look to your network and see what their results are like. The fastest way to grow any of those traits is to find people with the traits that you desire.

Spend time emailing, communicating and having conversations with people who have the results that you want.


Finally, prioritisation. Prioritisation is not just a skill it is a habit. If you are clear on your goals (your why) it becomes far easier to prioritise important tasks over non-important tasks.

I’m often told repeatedly by many funnel builders that they struggle to work on their own business, because they’re too busy helping their customers.

While I understand the dilemma, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You either have the option of working longer hours (but you’ve got to sleep sometime). Or, you can prioritise your time better.

That support task that came in from the customer today. Does that really need to be done right now? Or can you politely tell the customer that your dedicate time to it on Thursday, but today is business development day.

If you have a prioritised timetable and you gladly tell people about that timetable they will stick to it.

Mondays for us are pure learning days. It’s time for us to read, catch up on education, talk to our colleagues and peers, strategise and complete online courses. Our customers know that, our business partners know that and our staff know that. Do I get requests and emergencies for Monday? Of course I do. But my priority is growing MY business, and I will accomplish any other tasks after my priority.

No one is getting angry with you if you tell them that you’re spending time working on your business.

Great mountains are carved over time

Building a successful business does not mean jumping on the new get rich opportunity. It is the result of years of habit. Great mountains are carved over time not with a few explosions.

If you are serious about building a pro-funnel business that generates you revenue and a steady income stream, you must adopt habits that build the business as such. Committing to those habits is very difficult at first and I don’t recommend trying all of them at once.

But habits are a bit like muscles. When you begin to exercise them regularly, they get stronger. It’s also easier to adopt new habits after you’ve already adopted another healthy habit.

The compound effect, or the law of compounding, dictates that over a given period of time long enough the smallest changes in everyday activities result in massive monumental shifts far greater than any one individual action could have made.

For example if we want to carve some steps into the side of a mountain, we wouldn’t do that in one day with explosives, we would do that over many days with a hammer and chisel.

“I don’t have time for these new habits”

I know exactly how you feel and many funnel builders say the same thing. However what we found is that by adopting these habits over time, when given enough time, the results are so powerful that the you then can’t afford to stop those habits.

Writing content and sharing online now delivers me more free traffic from multiple sources than I ever was getting in an entire year. My 50th and 100th blog post don’t deliver traffic because those individual one post so brilliant. They deliver traffic because of the 49 and 99 posts before them.

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.