$2000 a day product inside

So when I talk about creating $2000 a day, I’m not talking about selling a new $2000 product each day to a new person.

I’m talking about having 30 customers who pay $2000 a month.

Which means that every 30 days, they’re paying you another $2000.

But of course that raises the question “What would I be doing for that $2000 a month?”

Maybe you’ve never charged that kind of money before, or you don’t think your clients would pay that much.

What I’m about to share with you has made me personally, hundreds of thousands of dollars and my clients, millions.

It’s the reason I’m able to charge thousands of dollars an hour for consulting and if you understand this fully, you could become the most dangerous and effective marketer your clients have ever worked with because you can’t help BUT make people more money.

Most people will approach this question as “What do I need to deliver, in order to charge $2000 a month?”

And this is fundamentally the wrong way to think about it.

Instead, I want you to ask a different question.

And I’m going to prove that you can charge $2000 a month without any experience or past clients.

⬇️⬇️⬇️Tell me what’s wrong with this client.⬇️⬇️⬇️

The end product is worth $10,000.

They don’t have anything else to sell after that.

Clients are sold on the phone or via Zoom with a deposit taken.

They sell about 30 of these a year.

About ⅓ sales calls close, meaning of 30 sales, there are 60 people who didn’t buy or bought from competitors.

They never follow up with past clients.

They never follow up with failed proposals.

To get someone on a call, it takes roughly 10 leads.

So for 30 sales, there are 90 calls which means 900 leads.

They hardly ever contact their lead database.

They’ve been doing this for 10 years and have over 20,000 leads in their database.

1000 in the last year alone.

They have never raised their prices.

They don’t have any other products to sell.

Can you identify 3 core problems that might be preventing them from landing their next $10,000 in revenue?

Write your answers down.

And when you come back you can check them against the real answer.

No cheating.

It’s ok, I can wait.


Right, so we want to help them make just another $10,000 in revenue.

We could raise their prices by 10%.

That alone would bring their revenue up $10,000 for every ten sales.

If they’re averaging 30 sales a year already, that’s $30,000 we’ve made them.

Does that sound like something you could do for $2000?

You haven’t looked at their copy or their landing pages.

You haven’t checked their sales script or their internet connection.

You haven’t changed their proposals, websites, social content

What about helping them create a new higher priced product?

$25,000 or $50,000?

And if you closed just ONE of their previous clients with this new offer, that’s another $50,000 you’ve made them.

So far, you’ve made this client $80,000 and you’ve barely even started.

You could reach out to past clients and just ask them if they want to buy again.

Or reach out to failed proposals and ask if they’re re-interested?

Maybe they’re still struggling with the same problem.

Or the competitor they went to let them down.

I could go on.

Because every single question I asked earlier has the potential to add at least $10,000 to their revenue.

Can you see how asking the right questions can lead to tremendous gains for your customers?

So instead of asking “What should I deliver for $2000 a month?” you need to be asking a different question.

That question is “What does my customer want for $2000 a month?”

It’s not your fault by the way that this is so confusing and contradictory.

Because every YouTuber and influencer and marketing guru out there will tell you that you need to start a short form content agency, or social media marketing agencies, or the new buzzword “info product growth agency” and I’m here to tell you that the type of agency you set up – has absolutely nothing to do with the success of your business.

What should you be doing instead?

Mike Killen

Mike is the world's #1 sales coach for marketing funnel builders. He helps funnel builders sell marketing funnels to their customers. He is the author of From Single To Scale; How single-person, small and micro-businesses can scale their business to profit. You can find him on Twitter @mike_killen.